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Our onsite lab is one of the ways that we, at Premier Custom Pharmacy, set ourselves apart. It is also a hallmark of our meticulous attention to detail. The standards we maintain at our onsite specialty pharmacy lab are the very reason we hold the distinction of having been the first PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy in South Florida.


We operate our lab facilities under a code of ethics and principles that meet the strict guidelines required of PCAB’s stringent demands.

Our lab is run by fully trained lab technicians and pharmacists who safeguard our quality control and are constantly educated on the latest treatment innovations and industry regulations.

Our quality control is a point of pride. Every compounded medication is made with the same, meticulous attention to detail, utilizing FDA approved Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, and ensuring our clients are never receiving treatments that have been mishandled or created with questionable ingredients.

Premier is a name that represents our commitment to our patients. Our providers can count on it.

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